RPM Technologies is part of Coldwater from 1 February 2017.

All RPM products and services will continue along with many more offered by Coldwater.

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Custom Engineered and Manufactured Products for the Paper Industry

RPM Technologies the Papermakers source for innovative Paper Machine Forming Drainage Equipment, and High Quality UHMWPE (Polyethylene) and Ceramic foil blades and covers. In our facility in Ludlow, MA we have made substantial investments in proprietary equipment enabling us to machine Forming board blades, Foil blades, activity blades, lovac blades, suction box covers, herringbone covers, uhle box blades, deckle boards and lube strips to the closest tolerances in the industry. In addition we have capability with our CNC machining to produce intricate special parts.

Our experienced applications engineers are there to assist you with practical solutions to help you reduce cost, improve efficiency, and save energy. We have been serving USA and Canada since 2003 by providing valuable analysis of forming tables, drainage equipment, vacuum systems, spares and inventory assessments, and drive/power studies.

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Polyethylene Blades / Covers

RPM Technologies provides several grades of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene each specifically formulated for use in different applications on your Paper Machine.


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RPM Technologies Services

RPM Technologies has the right people and the experience you need to optimize performance of your paper machine and keep it running efficiently long into the future. Our service engineers can provide a wide variety wet end and press section services, including general equipment evaluation, Ceramic Inspections, blade/element replacement and former alignment, Wet End Forming/Drainage Evaluations, Vacuum Systems Evaluations, Power Consumption Studies, and Fabric Cleaning Evaluations. Our service engineers can also help you with troubleshooting and identifying other issues as they may relate to the wet end, forming section or press.

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Blades / Covers

RPM Technologies is and authorized  Ceramic Distributor. Coorstek’s superior design and fabrication quality, matched with RPM Technologies experienced technical field staff, make this a winning combination for the Paper industry.

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Boxes and Covers

RPM Technologies provides custom engineered solutions for improving performance and function your Uhle Boxes, and Cover designs.

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Forming Drainage Equipment

RPM Technologies provides custom engineer drainage equipment for both the forming and press sections of your Paper Machine.

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              DC-RAZtm  Blade 

The DC-RAZtm  Blade combines the permanence of a full ceramic blade with the flexibility of an exchangeable polyethylene insert.